Westward they were drawn, mile after mile across plains and mountains, all in search of a new supply. They were gold seekers, forty-niners, and thousands of other souls searching for their golden meal ticket.

While the gold rush may be over, you can still experience the rush and joy of finding your own flecks of gold out here in remote Alaska!

Speed up your chances of recovery by renting a few ATVs to get deeper and farther into the old riverbeds.
We've gathered samples from different locations and sent them into multiple assayers to confirm that there is indeed, placer gold that can be collected using conventional methods like panning. Varying types of gold has been recovered. From chisper nuggets to gold flake, you can dig it up here while on your vacation.

Are you new to prospecting? Don't worry! We'll teach you the basics and principals of panning for gold.
From the novice panner to the ambitious argonaut, adding the prospecting package to your Alaskan adventure can be a thrilling and lucrative way to spend your vacation! You can "play in the dirt" for fun and profit without having the expense and trouble of trying to bring your own gear. We'll supply you with this on-site.